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 It's been a while since we've updated our website.  There have been too many dobes coming in and too few foster homes.  We've lost at least a dozen dobes to animal control shelters because we have no room and lack of funds to pay for the dobes coming in with health problems.

We try to take in as many dobes as possible, but we are at our limit with more dobes waiting to be turned in.

I know some reading this cannot understand our dire need for foster homes with big hearts and experience in handling this breed.  We know little or nothing about the dobes sometimes, so we hesitate putting new rescue's into any type of situation that may injure another animal.

If you are in South Florida and can foster, please contact us.  We are also in need of donations to help with medical expenses.  What we charge for our adoptions doesn't  scratch the surface of our actual expenses, including medical, supplies, transport costs and the list can go on.  Remember, all donations are fully tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.


  This is Heather as she came into us last month.  35 lbs underweight, with severe "red" mange, puritis, abscesses along with numerous other health problems.  She was found abandoned in Miami, near Hialeah, near death.  She was on IV's for just 24 hours before she started eating on her own.  After two weeks, she was able to leave the vet's office.

This is Heather leaving the Vet's office to the foster home.  At this writing, she is slowly putting on weight, the abscesses are clearing and she is growing some fur back.  Her blood work show's no signs of any long term problems or auto immune damage.

   HEATHER JUST BEFORE HER ADOPTION!  She was recently spayed, with no outbreak and is 100% recovered.  We are now the proud sponsor of a very healthy, playful and energetic Doberman!  She is getting ready to go into her new home and start her new life.  

Nancy from Doberman Rescue  Concern in West Palm Beach performed miracles during her foster period.  Special Needs Dobermans was the first group to help with funding of her care in the critical stages.  Thanks for all of the donation, prayers and thoughts during the past few months.  We're proud to say - this team effort paid off and what a difference a few months makes!!


Heather will be turning 2 years old on July 12th!  Here she is just a few weeks ago with her new brother who just turned 3 last month!  What a pair and boy do their parents have their hands full!


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