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If you would like to adopt one of our dogs, we will send you an application in which you can return via fax or mail.  Upon approval, we will set up an in home interview.  We reserve the right to reject any applicant.  

Redland Rescue will disclose to any new home all known information about our rescue Dobes.

We will very rarely adopt a dobe to any home with small children, cats or small dogs unless we know the rescue Dobe has been around them or has been thoroughly tested.

The average cost of medical, food, upkeep and transport sometimes can be as low as $100.00 up to over $500.  It all depends on the health of the dog by the time we get them.  Our adoption fees are only to cover expenses.  Our members are unpaid volunteers and contribute much of their own time and money. 

If you can serve as a Foster home or have interest in adopting a Hospice dog, please click here


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